How to Install HSPL3 on HTC HD2


* Windows Mobile Device Center installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or
* ActiveSync installed on Windows XP
* You must have any SPL version from this list on your device:
o SPL 1.42.0000
o SPL 1.62.0000
o SPL 1.66.0000
o SPL 2.07.0000
o SPL 2.08.0000
o SPL 2.10.0000
(To check your SPL version, hold the Volume Down button and do a reset)
You should have this SPL version unless you are using the latest 3.14 ROM with SPL 3.03.0000.
No worry, just downgrade your Windows Mobile ROM from v3.14 to v1.66 will do.
Download HTC HD2 v1.66 ROM. Then downgrade your phone from SPL 3.03.0000 to SPL 1.42.000.

Step by Step Guide

1. Power off your phone.
2. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
3. It will load into bootloader.
4. You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-1.42.
5. Take off the battery.
6. Power on your phone.
7. Connect USB cable from PC to phone after Windows Mobile loaded.
8. Select ‘ActiveSync’ and click ‘Done’.
9. Open with 7-Zip.
10. Copy HSPL3_PKG.exe to desktop.
11. Execute HSPL3_PKG.
12. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
13. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
14. Bootloader will be loaded with USB status during starting of installation.
15. Select ’2.08.HSPL’ to install.
16. After installation, you should see ‘We hacked it!’ on your phone.
17. Click on ‘Yes’ and your phone should be rebooted and load into Windows Mobile.
18. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
19. To verify, power off your phone.
20. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
21. It will load into bootloader.
22. You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-2.08.HSPL.
23. That’s all.

via: xda-developers

SSPL, HSPL, Flashing rom and Custom rom

Everyone who has Flashed Android on their Windows phone, seem to talk about SSPL and HSPL. So what are these ??????????????

SPL (Secondary Program Loader), is the same as your bios on the pc (it sets where your system boots from, intialises sub system process etc).

sspl (Soft Secondary Program Loader), allows you to flash another spl or hardspl.

HSPL or HardSPL (Hard Secondary Program Loader), allows flashing of any rom. It protects you from bricking your device. If you have a bad flash, it just forces the phone to load into bootloader from where you can flash another rom using

pc or storage card to get your phone working again. Using a hardspl you can flash any carrier or manufacturer rom without cid unlocking your device first.

Radio rom is a part of software which manges GSM/3G antenna.

Now if you are flashing your carriers official rom then you don’t need any of these but different carriers set their CID (Country Identification) in their roms so only phones that have their cid can flash those roms … now if you like

htc rom and want to flash on to it, you will first need to hardspl your device otherwise you won’t be able to flash the rom . It will time out with an error telling you invalid vendor id.

Flashing Custom Rom, basically means to load a different version of the operating System.

Custom ROM is the full verion of mobile operating system customized by the ROM developer’s with different set of features (Example: make it faster, provide better battery-life, customized application, utilites etc)

Access linux partition from windows

How do you access a linux partition from within windows partition ?

DiskInternal’s Linux reader (DLR) is the answer to your question. This program is very simple to use and looks like windows explorer interface.The best thing about DLR is that it’s absolutely free and it also provides ready-only access to the file system.When you open the application it will scan all the disk and partitions and show you all the details about the installed disk.
See the screen shot below.

Linux Reader
DiskInternal's Linux Reader

Download Linux Reader 2.0