How to install Firefox 13 on Linux

Change the directory to /tmp
[root@db11gr2 /]# cd /tmp
[root@db11gr2 tmp]#

Download the software using wget command

32bit version
[root@db11gr2 tmp]#wget ‘’
64bit version
[root@db11gr2 tmp]#wget ‘’

Extract the contents of the downloaded tar ball file to the /opt directory where the Programs are installed.
[root@db11gr2 tmp]# tar –jxvf firefox-13.0.tar.bz2 –C /opt

Once the software extraction is complete, you can open firefox using the below command

[root@db11gr2 tmp]# /opt/firefox/firefox
Create shortcut on the desktop
Right click on the desktop click on Create Launcher
In the name box type Firefox
Under command box type /opt/firefox/firefox
Now u can launch the firefox program from the desktop.