How to extend root partition on linux using lvm

Here my partition is on lvm (Logical volume manager)

Check physical volume

Check Volume group

here you can see i have only one disk sda

Now i will add new disk to my virtual machine
right click on the virtual machine and select settings
then click on add select hard disk from the above list
click on next
select scsi and click next
create new disk and click next
specify disk capacity in my case i am adding 15g and click on split virtual disk into multiple files and click next
provide the diskname.vmdk and specify the location where it should be saved and click on finish
click on ok to exit the virtual machine settings

no need to restart the running virtual machine just type the below command so that system scans the new disk

new disk is added /dev/sde

now follow the step to extend the root partition

create physical volume & check /dev/sde1 has 19.99G free space.

we have only one volume group VolGroup00 so we will extend our volume group first

you can see Free PE is 639 / 19.97GB available

we have to extend our root partition which is  /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

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